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COLLISION REFERRALS …and the New Networking

CONSIDER THIS: You just met a plumber in the supermarket. Your carts collided and the two of you struck up a five-minute conversation about sports, real estate and what kind of potato chips you prefer. Then you go home.

Sometime later, your brother-in-law calls. Says he’s been working all day on a leaky faucet. You tell him you know this plumber and recommend him. Because you know he’s a great plumber. Because he likes the same sports team – and the same potato chips – that you and your friend do.

Thing is, you have no idea what kind of a plumber this guy is. You recommended him because he’s the only plumber you know…or can remember…or simply because he was the last one you bumped into and you’re not really that close to your brother-in-law.



This is how many networking groups function. You join a group, pay the money, throw your business card into the mix and sit back in your bumper car to wait for the referrals to start pouring in. They usually don’t. You get bumped around a lot. Cards and names and numbers that don’t play out. Promises that age you prematurely. But a genuine connection? Few and far between.


How about a group that’s not really a networking group, but a support group – one that shares questions and listens to the answers. One that’s not so much interested in generating “leads” or throwing business cards, but in helping each member get better and do better and earn the respect (and referrals) of the members of the group.

A group that begins by forming connections within, then uses the strength, and confidence and collaborative power of that connection to reach out into the business community and grow a strong business collaborative from the trust and value and knowledge gained.


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